Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Its Been On Of Those Days

Today has been one of those days with BG; she has really been testing the boundaries. It’s been a cold and wet day so we haven’t been out and I’m ready for a bath and bed.

Here are some of things BG has done today that makes me want to pull my hair out:-
  • Screamed for no reason
  • Refuse to have her bum changed
  • Removed her socks, then leggings and refused to wear any bottoms all day
  • Requested lunch, ate a bit then threw it on the floor and requested ice cream
  • Shouted for cake and when I said no shouted for a biscuit
  • Tried to take her nappy off
  • While doing some magic painting she tried to drink the dirty water, when I asked her not to she tipped it all over the book
  • Demanded Pepper Pig to be on all day
  • Screamed every time I left the living room so she had to come with me
  • Ate her yogurt with her hands and got it all over her.
  • Put grapes in her mouth than spat them out so they hit the floor
  • Tipped her dinner out all over her highchair tray and mashed it up with her hands

It’s been a long, never ending day.

Now where’s that chocolate!!



  1. Its been the same over here with Oli! Toddlers hey! Not long to go hun!! I've gotta go food shopping with mine in abit.. fun fun! :/

  2. Been exactly the same here all day , only diffrence is no high chair because the screaming fit when i tried to put him in it was not worth it .

    Toddlers are fun lol

  3. Oh I feel for you. Those days are tough. But you can bet tomorrow she'll be an angel and make you feel guilty!

  4. Oh bless you! Exactly the reason that I'm not having any more children!! Hope that tomorrow is a better day xx

  5. Oh I hate days like that with a vengeance! At least it's over now eh? New slate tomorrow... fingers crossed it's a good 'un. :)

  6. Oh the joy! I remember days like that.
    Hope you have chilled out evening, enjoy your chocolate - you deserve it.

  7. oh dear the joys of motherhood! hope tomorrow is better xx

  8. I think you should take the list and do it all yourself tomorrow. Apart from taking nappy off of course unless.... well you know. Maybe you'll feel better. lol sorry hon. days like that suck! sending virtual hugs and chocolate. xxx

  9. I remember those days well - in fact darling girl - I remember similar days with you...and char and cam!!! Grit teeth, have a glass of wine and be thankful that tomorrow is a new day!! You will look back on this and laugh - promise you - and just think of all the fun you'll have embarassing BG withthose tales when she's older xo

  10. Welcome to my world! Not only does my 16 month old do this but also my 4 year old - though he has a bit of an 'excuse' as he's autistic! Aah, the joys of motherhood!


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