Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How Much Fun Can You Have With A Cardboard Box?

Apparently loads if you're BG!

Last week after we had been to our toddler group and BG had spent half her time playing with the toy kitchens I had a flash of inspiration and made our own kitchen at home.

I got one of the many cardboard boxes we have at home, turned it upside down and drew two circles on the top for the hob rings and some little circles on the front for the knobs and added an oven door.
Its not pretty but it does the job 

BG loved it and spent ages playing with it, she cooked me dinner and made me a cup of tea.

When she was bored with the cooker, she turned it the right way round and it became her car and then a boat.

It became a toy box at bedtime.

This morning she turned it on its side and it became a cupboard and she has been putting her plates away.

I wonder what it will become next?



  1. Boxes are brilliant!

    I did a box post last week http://mummymusings.co.uk/2010/10/the-toddler-the-box/

  2. Boxes are great, but there are only so many you can get in your sitting room!

  3. We love cardboard boxes in our house too. We like the banana ones best!

  4. Fabulous...all they need is imagination and they have it by the bucket don't they...and you!

  5. So cute! I love it when you can watch your children being inventive!

  6. The old adage is true, give a child a big present and they will play with the box. If only it were true for 11 year olds.....

  7. bless her !!! Even Cam still makes boxes into dens (and sledges for the stairs when I 'm not looking!!!)

  8. Love it :)
    Dylan's exactly the same. The fanciest toy in the world can't compete with an empty pampers box :)

  9. Ahhh yes. I did the cardboard kitchen thing too for a whole year until my parents found a bargain kiddie-kitchen at a fleamarket. We still have the dishwasher with pull out trays and slots for plates tho ... he refused to let that go. Yesterday I cut one side off a box to use as a back-board for an Autumn Tree scene and the rest of the box became a Gruffalo-cave in an instant!! He'd have gone to bed in it if I'd let him!

    Lovely post :-)


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