Saturday, 16 October 2010

Another Bad Mummy Moment Brought To You By New Mummy

Yesterday as BG tried to escape up the stairs, I grabbed the back of her trousers to stop her. That made her trip and head butt the wall! 

She now has a bruise on her head, how terrible do I feel? Bad, bad mummy!

A frozen yogurt tube cheered her up (she thinks it's Ice Cream!)

Sorry BG mummy didn't mean to hurt you. 



  1. Oh dear! I know you feel awful now and you didin't mean it. But there is a time when you will look back and laugh about it. There will be plenty of other opportunities to accidentally injure and maim your child.

    We all do it :)

  2. Moo recently bumped her head falling over playing chase. At nursery they asked her how she did it. She said "mummy..."

  3. These sort of things alwasy happen to me too. Yesterday I stood on Miss M's fingers and knocked Miss E over. Oh dear...

    Hope BG is OK now.

    Mich x

  4. Aah these things happen, I've done it - took my eye off bear last week and he pulled the whole shoe rack over, gave himself a huge fright!!

  5. ahhhhh these things happen - I have a bad habit of banging my toddlers head against doorways or as I take her out of the car and she gives me a real glare and I feel awful!!!! x


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