Friday, 19 March 2010

Soundtrack Of The Week

This week BG has mainly be spinning around and around in circles making her self dizzy, which is really cute and funny until she hurts herself! But she gets herself up and does it again.

So the soundrack for this week is.....................

Dizzy by Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff!

There were better sounding clips but I think to trueky appreciate the song you have to see them performimg it. 


  1. We saw them live with Vic at their last ever performance at Phownix festival way back when.

    I used to have a tshirt that said Idiot under construction!

  2. I love this song - one of my student days classics and it was also played at our wedding. You can't beat a bit of Vic and Bob!

  3. The spud is doing the same thing - spinning around until he falls down. I remember doing that myself... think I'd chuck up now though!

  4. LOVE this song!!

    The Wonderstuff are one of my very favourite bands - the little dude and I can quite often be found rocking out to 'never loved elvis' :D


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