Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Gallery

As usual I'm always the last to catch up on what's going on. 

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has been running a weekly gallery, she gives a prompt and we go off and take pictures or use pictures we've already got. This week the prompt is Outside My Front Door, so here is mine..

Please excuse the fact I'm crap at playing with pictures I did this on word!!

Now these pictures are not technically from out side my front door, but the top 4 are from my kitchen window which is about a foot away from my front door so the view is pretty much the same.

These are pictures I already had, I'm not quite so sure why I had so many from my front window but I have. 

I think its quite a pretty view except for the one with all the bins, that's thanks so my now ex neighbour Batty Woman.

What you can't see is beyond the trees and grass is a road and then a grammar school, my little close is pretty well hidden and even though we live close to a school and Rugby club its very quite and peaceful here.

I live in a small market town and there isn't much to do, but what we do have is a gorgeous walled garden. That's the bottom picture , its a place called Ayscoughfee Hall, its an medieval hall museum with a huge garden at the back. It has a park, duck pond, coffee shop, tennis courts and much much much. Me and BG spent most of last summer there and we plan to spend many of our days there this year. Its 5 minutes from us and is peaceful, beautiful and makes you feel hidden away from the real world.

And that's Outside My Front Door.



  1. Gorgeous...how beautiful! Looks very peaceful x

  2. Fabulous. I love the pictures of the same view but at different times. V clever.
    Thanks for joining in and for doing it so well x

  3. Nice view - very clever doing it in word

  4. Beautiful view in that bottom piccy! :)

  5. I like it, I have several pictures of my view at different times of year. It's amazing how different it can look. xx

  6. Oooh, looks lovely - all round yours for a BBQ in the summer then? ;)

  7. Ooh, very nice. Love the way they show the changing seasons.

  8. I've tagged you with a Sunshine Award


    Thanks for writing such a lovely blog xx

  9. Wow! You step outside and you are there? How lucky! Looks wonderful

  10. Lovely! Me and my daughter spend most of our time down the park too - hence the name!

  11. Becky - Its very peaceful

    Tara Cain - It was pure luck I had those pictures!

    Muddling Along Mummy - Thanks hun x

    Emma - The park is stunning in the summer

    MrsLuciaWright - It can look different every day x and thank you for the award

    littledudes Mummy - Unfortunatley the back garden is tiny!

    Rosiescribble - Thank you x

    MrW - Very lucky x

    Kath@Parklover - Lol, its a great park x


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