Monday, 8 March 2010

Top 10 Surreal Mummy Moments

Carly over at Wads is running a Mummy Blogger Carnival over at hers about you top 10 Surreal Mummy Moments, is a mini competition and the prize is tickets to the Ideal Home Show, the closing day is today oops!

To be honest though the tickets would be nice I just like the ideal of writing this post. I didn’t realise how many surreal moments I had had, but here is my top 10 count down.

10 The pregnancy test – My other half realised I was pregnant before I did and sent me to do the test, to my shock he was right I was indeed pregnant. We had only been trying for 2 months.

9 That 1st scan, that’s when it becomes real that there is a baby in your tummy, we both shed a tear.

8 The first kick and my god could she kick. She was fidgety then and fidgety now

7 Calling her by her name, the first 100 times! It’s so strange to call her by a name we have given her

6 The first time she said ‘mummy’ my heart melted

5 The first smile that isn’t wind

4 Telling people that I was pregnant, then telling them that my daughter had been born

3 Bringing her home and putting her in her moses basket, so overwhelming

2 Holding my baby for the 1st time, the most amazing experience ever

And finally at Number 1 the most surreal mummy moment so far....

Finding out the sex of BG, we didn’t find out of the scan. I remember lying there with drips in both arms (I had a c-section) they took her away to check her over and I had to ask if I had given birth to a boy or a girl!

I’m sure there are a lot more moments to come



  1. I can completely agree with your #1...

    I still find myself having to check if Dot is really a boy or a girl... She is still a girl. ;)

  2. I still get a kick out of them saying 'mummy'!

  3. aaw this is great chick, there are too many of them aren't there. I could have written about 20 and she's not even 1 lol. Great post :) xxx

  4. Lovely list :)
    I can't wait till I fianlly get a 'mummy' - I'm sure I'll cry like a big girl :P

  5. No1 was a mindblowing experience for me, loved No5 as well.

  6. Beth - Lol x

    angelsandurchins - I wish she would say it more often x

    Carly - Thanks hun x

    littledudes mummy - I cry at everything she does x

    goonerjamie - It amazing what those little ones do to you x


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