Monday, 15 March 2010

A Letter To An Old Friend

To My Dearest Old Friend,

I often think of you and the times we spent together, the books we’d read, the music we listen to, the shows we’ve seen. I remember the bad hair styles and the even worse clothes we wore.

There were times when you were my only friend; we’ve been through a lot together. We had such fun, the parties, the drinking, the men, you got me into a lot of trouble on more than one occasion but I didn’t mind.

There are days I really miss you and yearn to be part of that life again, but I made the right decision, it was time to go our separate ways. Who would have guessed I would be settled with a good man and a beautiful daughter. My life is good, I'm happy now.

You were a part of my life for a very long time, you gave me strength and courage when I needed it, but you also sent me down paths of self destruction. You we're my best friend and my worse enemy all in one.

I will always think of you fondly, but I had to leave you behind, I had to move on with my life, I couldn’t carry on the way I was living.

You will always be in my heart and my mind.

Lots of love


This is a letter to the old me,  the me before I met my other half and had BG.

This was written for Josie’s writing workshop at Sleep Is For The Weak, I was inspired by prompt number 1. Tell me about someone from you past who you lost touch with and who you often think about


  1. That's really good. Very well written. I think you're going to get a lot out of that course you're going to be doing and so will we! Nice one Carol x

  2. I love this, Carol, it's really well written. I think we're quite similar! x

  3. I think it's lovely that you think of your "old self" as an "old friend" :) Beautiful and heartfelt piece x

  4. This is a great thing to do and so well written. It's beautiful. x

  5. I could have written this same letter to an old friend of mine. Sometimes you just have to cut them loose in order to really live.

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  7. great post, really well written, I love it x

  8. That's lovely - thanks so much for sharing this, sounds like you have a lot to be proud of you know! xx

  9. MrsLuciaWright - Thank you very much, I can't wait for my course to start x

    SandyCalico - Thank you hun x

    Nickie @ Typecast - Thank you x

    SusanKmann - Thank you very much x

    Kat - Shame the old friend is me! x

    Sally - Thank you x

    Carly Yeganeh - Thank you hun x

    Linda - Thank you, maybe I have x

  10. I love the fact that this was to yourself. It's true, we change so much as we grow up and have children. I look back at some of the things I did, the chances I took and cringe at the thought of my children doing the same...

    Great post :)


  11. Great post. Thought you were writing to someone else until the very last minute. We have to shed our old selves to move on to the next chapter. Good luck with the course!

  12. Carol this lovely! What a clever twist on the prompt. I agree with Nickie, seeing your old self as an old friend is such a nice way of thinking of it. I'm slightly resentful and disapproving of the old me - I think we need to make friends too!

    Thanks for this, and lots of luck in your course x

  13. Great post - and a very clever idea.
    I reckon you definitely made the right choice :) xx


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