Friday, 12 February 2010

Romance - Its the little things that count

As its Valentine’s Day this Sunday I thought I’d write about what romance means to me.

Me and OH have decided this year not to do presents to save money and just give cards, we won’t be going out for dinner, we’ll have a quite one at home but that doesn’t bother me, it’s not the grand gestures one day a year that I like, it’s the little ones throughout the year that is romantic to me and OH is good at them.

Last year OH bought me a book for Valentines, not a romantic book or love poems, but it was a book that I wanted. That may not sound romantic to you but OH made sure I had some baby free time to read it

When he runs me a bath he always fills it with bubbles and lights candles.

He makes me hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

He rings me when he has finished work to see if we need anything (he works for a supermarket), he can tell if I’ve had a bad day and brings me home something to cheer me up, normally my favourite chocolate.

He downloaded the Glee soundtrack for me.

On Tuesday he bought me home some chocolate Hot Cross Buns, he knows I don’t like the normal ones and thought I would like these. (I did by the way)

He buys me the latest copy of my favourite magazine as soon as it comes out, I don’t have to ask.

When I was pregnant he would massage my swollen legs and feet with cooling gel.

He brings me cups of coffee in bed and cooks a great breakfast on a Sunday.

He kisses me when he leaves and kisses me when he comes home.

My other half may not be good at the big grand gestures (He asked to me move in with him by saying “Think of the money you’d save if we moved in together”) , we don’t say “ I Love You” everyday but he is great at the little things and I’ll take that over a big bunch of roses and a dodgy teddy any day.



  1. Well, he sounds like he does all the right things EVERYDAY, not just the one special day a year...! Have a lovely weekend with your love xx

  2. He sounds great! It's not that one day that makes a difference. There is no point having a grand gesture only because it's the day to. What matters is all the other days and all the little gestures. X

  3. Here, here! Well said, you could almost have written this post for me. Minus the massaging.

    CJ xx

  4. Brilliant post hun...sounds just like my man too, the little things defo mean much much more. It's all about consistancy :) x

  5. Mummy Bear - He does. Thank you, have a great weekend x

    Foodie Mummy - I completly agree

    Crystal - There you go I've saved you the trouble ;)

    WADs - Thanks hun, we're lucky gals x

  6. You've got yourself a good 'un there! I've nominated you for a sunshine award over at mine... :)

  7. So with you about the little things that count. Who needs some plastic looking roses that cost a fortune and smell of nothing? What a treasure you have, particularly love the thought of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, being bought magazines and books, and downloading albums. From the look of all the comments he's now got a fan club!!

  8. Aww :)
    Love posts like this - you've got me feeling all warm & fuzzy :) - and you're right, it's totally the little things that count xx

  9. what a lovely post. and it is those other things that count, isn't it? not the tacky teddy and hurriedly bought card.

  10. That one is a keeper - now where can we clone him ???

  11. I know I'm very lucky, well most of the time ;)


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