Monday, 1 February 2010

Grumpy Mum's

I know Monday mornings are not most people’s favourite time of the week and today was cold and dull but that is a poor excuse for the amount of grumpy, miserable faces I saw at baby and toddler group this morning.

My friend invited me along to a local group last week, I’ve been trying to get out of the house more with BG during g the week so this was perfect as it s not very far from us. So I meet her and her daughter this morning and we walked to the group, as we walked she told me the group really isn’t that friendly. Now I’ve had my share of unfriendly mums though generally I have been fortunate to go to groups that are really nice, I don’t expect them to spend all the session talking to me but a smile and a hello is always welcome.

Nothing could prepare me for the sea of grumpy mums I saw today; it was a room full of slapped arses! They are not forced to go there, most of them where sat with other mums chatting away so why so glum? The group is held in a huge church hall, it reminded me of a school hall with a big stage at one end. There were loads of toys, art and craft tables and a really nice area for babies plus all the tea and coffee you could drink for a £1, what’s not to like?

They really were so grumpy, hardly anyone smiled or made eye contact, even when BG smiled at them (and that cheeky grin is hard to resist) they didn’t smile back.

At the end of the session they clear away and have a sing song, well you’d thought they had been asked to drink their own pee! They stood in the circle but hardly any of them sang or encouraged their children to join in. And don’t get me started on the mums that just plan ignored their children

The only good to come out of the group was BG had a great time, she ran around playing and dancing. It’s the first time she’s really had the confidence to leave my side when we go anywhere and just for that we will go again (and the copious amounts of coffee I can consume in an hour and a half!)

Hopefully next week they will be a bit happier.



  1. LOL. Those groups are a bit hit and miss I find. There are lots where I live but I thinned them out and only went to the ones where someone actually returned my cheery hello. The problem is if the kids enjoy you sort of feel like you have to go!

  2. I don't know why people go to these groups if they don't enjoy them. They might as well entertain their kids at home. Perhaps these mums had a crap weekend, or perhaps their private life is naff. Whatever the reason for their grumpy attitude at least BG enjoyed herself, and that's the main thing.

    CJ xx

  3. I think we must know the same bunch of Mums. A curse on them and their ilk.

  4. Wow that sounds like torture. I hate to say it but an experience like that put me right off mother/toddler groups. Ten out of ten to you, for saying you will go again for BG's sake.

  5. It's such a shame that they had to be like that... but maybe (just throwing it out there) they had a terrible weekend... xxx

  6. lol this reminds me of one I went to a few weeks ago! And ignoring a baby smile is just wrong and bloody impossible for most people...just to darn cute! So they really must have been a bunch of grumps :D xxx

  7. The few I went to were like that so I never went back. They also got the arse with L being able to walk so young, so there was lots of tutting! (HUGS) see if you can find another one with nicer mums xx

  8. Its A Mummy Life - There are not many in walking distance to me and I don't drive so I'm a bit restricted.

    Crystal Jigsaw - I feel the same. She really did have fun

    goonerjamie - Lol

    Rebecca - Thank you, the thing we do for our children!

    Liz (livingwithkids) - What all of them? I swear out of the 30 mums that were there 20 of them looked grumpy. My friend said they are like that every week.

    WADs - I know! Her grin is so cheeky

    Liz@violetposy - I'm just grateful my friend goes as well. x

  9. Oh dear. That doesn't sound very good. Hope it's better next week.

  10. That sounds grim - hope its better next week

  11. We don't have any playgroups in Bosnia, and I do miss them, grumpy Mums and all.

    Put it down to a lot of bad nights and stress getting small children out of the house. They'll be much happier next week. x

  12. Find another group! Beh! That sounds miserable, no need to bring your day down by visiting that bunch. Perhaps they're all simply sleepless with their little ones, perhaps they resented your cheer!

  13. Imagine what they must be like at home! Poor them, you have to imagine they're exhausted or stressed out or something. Saying that, I hate the singalong in a group thing, even with the children in tow. It always makes me want to sing the wrong words, like getting the giggles in church or school assembly.

  14. Makes you wonder why they bother to go! I go to a surestart group (cos its free!) and there's a real mix; lots of friendly Mums but some that just don't seem interested even when you instigate a conversation. Hope it's better next week, just one nice Mum would make it bearable!

  15. Mummy groups are the hardest - I have a few that I feel comfortable going to, but there arent that many in my area that arent full of cliques - sometimes it feels like I am back at least your little one enjoyed herself & thats all that matters but I hope they are a bit more cheerful next time you go :)

  16. Sorry you had that experience. The mums group I joined when my oldest son was a baby was such a life saver for me. I made the best friends in the world through it. Don't get me wrong -- it did have its fair share of grumpy mums, but I steered clear of them.


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