Monday, 8 February 2010

How To Make Friends BG Style

After our grumpy session at toddler group last week, BG took it upon her self this morning to try harder to make friends!

The cheeky grin didn't quite cut it last week with the mums

I know I'm biased but how can you resist that smile?

BG plan of action was the isolate one mum and work on her. She hit her with a the smile first, which recieved a small smile back.

Then after deciding that trucks where her toys of choice for the day, showed the truck to the mum and demostrated how it work. This worked well the mums was talking and playing with the mum and her son.

BG then offered to share her biscuit and drink with her, she doesn't share with mummy!

She then went in for the kill and put her hands up for a cuddle (only sligthly concerned she want to cuddle strangers!)

This won the mum over and they became fast friends and mummy had someone to chat to....thank you BG

Now we need to work on the other mums and BG needs to start playing with the other children.



  1. Aww that photo is SO cute! I'm sure no-one would be able to resist that grin for long :)

  2. No way on earth I could resist that cheeky grin or gorgeous eyes! Just adorable!

  3. Joise@sleep is for the weak - Thank you, they have resisted for 2 weeks so far!

    Not Such A Yummy Mummy - I know!! but I am biased

  4. There is NO WAY you can resist that smile. That is one beautiful baby!

    CJ xx

  5. Playgroup mumys can be hard work sometimes, huh?
    Hooray for BG being a cute little icebreaker though :)

    (p.s. i moved my blog again :P it's now here: if you fancy a peek/re-following, and i've added you to my page of blogs i love, hope that's okay? xx)

  6. Crystal Jigsaw - Thank you hun x

    Littledude's mummy - she's far to clever x Cool will pop over and take a look x


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