Tuesday, 23 February 2010

1 Year Blogversary

It’s all Stephen Fry’s fault that I started blogging!

It started with twitter, In February of last year I was watching Friday Night with Jonathon Ross, where they was talking about twitter and I liked the idea of being able to stalk celebs in the comfort of my living room! I started to follow some celebs then some real people, I was then tweeted by Mums Blogger Club to join them, I went to sign up but you needed to have a blog so I started one, 12 months later I have 3 blogs (New Mummy, New Mummy’s Tips & Make it, Bake it) , write reviews for 2 other blogs (The Mum Test & The Great Toy Guide) and write a weekly blog for Mumstop. I’m a member of British Mummy Bloggers; I’m currently number 37 in the top 100 UK Parent Blogger

I wrote my first two posts Hello and A Proper Introduction, within 30 minutes of each other as I was so excited about blogging.

The 1st two people to comment on my posts were the lovely Jan Mary at Welcome to My World and the fantastic Jo Beaufoix Thank you ladies for the comments and support

I know I thanked everyone last month, but I forgot to thank the most important person....BG!!

Thank you Baby Girl for the great source of inspiration you give me and this new life that I now live x



  1. Fantastic achievement in just one year, you must be really proud. Blog's looking great, too x

  2. Happy Blogversary! first of many I'm sure. keep up the good work!


    P.S - I am doing a sponsored 120 mile skate for Save a Baby Month this year, people can read about it and how to donate at
    could you take a look and leave this on if you like it please? Promise its not spam!

  3. Congratulations! Here's to an a fantastic acheievement and many more happy years blogging :)

  4. Wow I am impressed and want to ask how do you manage to write so many blogs and be a Mum. The more I see of the Mummy bloggers' community, the more in awe I become. Well done and keep up the good work.

  5. Here's to the next twelve months!

  6. Wow well done, I have just in this last week started blogging properly after a hal hearted attempt before christmas! You have achieved o much I doubt I will do the same but it gives me hope that I'll crack it if I stick to it! xx

  7. Happy Blogversary! You should be very proud of what you've done!

  8. Congratulations Carole, what a great achievment!!x

  9. How brilliant. As you know I'm a big fan of your blog Carol so here's to the next year! x

  10. Thank you all so much, I am very proud of what I have achieved, especially as I didn't know what blogging would bring me. It has all been a great bonus x

  11. Happy one year blog-versary !

    Isn't it interesting how things change in a year !

  12. brilliant. Late as usual but Happy Blogaversary and well done. What a brilliant year. x


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