Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Feeling Old

This year I turn 30, and it scares the living day lights out of me. I know it’s not “old” but it’s making me feel old

A few weeks ago and went out and got my haircut. It was getting really long and frizzy and was driving me insane, so I left BG with daddy and went and it chopped short. I came away feeling great about myself, thinking I had had a really cool shortish cut. That was until I went to Musical Mini’s the next day and realised that I had the same cut as half of the other mothers, who were a good 5-8 years older than me, that made me feel old.

Last week OH bought me some new trousers, I’m in a horrible in between sizes stage, nothing fits me and it was getting me down. I choose a pair of brown cords (I have never worn cords before), which I thought would look great with my brown suede trainers; I just look dumpy, dowdy and old.

Me and OH had a BG free night thanks to my best friend, we went to the pictures and then for dinner. Long gone are the nights of drinking and dancing!

8 months after I gave birth to BG my sister who is 10 years younger than me had her first baby that made me feel old.

I’ve started to complain that certain types of music is just noise, I’m starting to sound like my father. That makes me feel old.

You’re only as old and the man you feel they say; he’s 5 years older than me!

I just have to face it I’m getting older; I now need to decide whether I’m going to do it gracefully or disgracefully


This was writen for the Writing Workshop held at Sleep Is For The Weak. I choose Prompt 1 What’s made you feel a little old lately?


  1. Im 31, and kind of think there's nout bad with it, teens are about agnst, twenties i was out partying, thirties chilling with my own family ..... although brown cords and brown suede trainers? Whatever were you thinking? Chin up, least you're not 40 this year ....

  2. Aww bless you, you're not old by a long shot yet!I too dreaded turning 30 and to many people, I am still 28 and have been for the last 5 years *ahem*
    You have to think of it of just a number honestly, because that is all it is. I still feel 17 and would definitely go with the disgraceful route every time ; ) x

  3. We're more similar than i realised! I'm 30 in 2011 & my hubby is 8yrs older than me! I have all the same worries as you, but, hey, we are who we are & i think we're pretty good at it!

  4. fab post :) You aren't old and you certainly don't look old...FACT! :) So chin up and welcome the 30's people always say they are the best years x

  5. So do we get to see a picture of your new haircut? :-D

  6. Disgracefully, definitely ;)

    I can relate though - I was the big 3-0 last year, and it freaked me out a bit. It's really not that bad though - honest!
    I'm just as irresponsible as I ever was - just better at covering it up :)

  7. Hi!! I am 33 this year....i dont feel old, but sometimes when i were tired and hectic, i did felt older than 33! hahah!! Busy with works and kids, never ending chores. How I wish I could take life easier.

  8. 30 is the New 20!

    "I now need to decide whether I’m going to do it gracefully or disgracefully "

    Is that really a tough decision? Let your hair down :)


  9. Now I feel old. I was 40 last yr and my sister in law wrote in her card to me, "welcome to the 40's club". I feel 30 though so that's the main thing!!

    CJ xx

  10. Don't worry embrace being 30! I turned 30 last year and spent this morning cleaning my washing machine! HOWEVER, we rolled in at 5.30am after husbands Christmas work do, so there is still hope!! x

  11. Being in your 30s is great. It's been the best decade of my life so far. I'm 36 and really don't feel all that old most of the time. You look great, so don't be down about it! x

  12. Claire - I have no idea what I was thinking, in my mind it looked good!

    yummymummyno1 - yeah I've been 26 for the past 3 years, lol

    Jordan - Thank you hun x

    WADs - Thank you hun and you can say that as your younger then me :)

    Claire - No

    lifewithlittledude - Lol I like that x

    Rose - Hi, me too x

    Kim Hong - Not really ;)

    Crystal Jigsaw - I didn't mean to make you feel old hun x

    babygenie - sounds like a great night

    Its a mummys life - Thank you hun x


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