Monday, 13 April 2009

Tummy Bugs And Teething Do Not Mix

Hello sorry for the lack of blogging but if you follow me on twitter you would have known I’ve been poorly, actually we have been the poorly house for the last week!

It started in the early morning of last Sunday I woke up feeling really sick, my head hurt and I thought I was going to vomit. I managed to fall asleep again and was woken at 7 by Baby Girl, well I felt awful I rolled over to OH to get him to get BG up so I could have a little lay in to find he felt poorly as well !! Thankfully OH is fantastic and got up anyway and left me to have another hour.

When I got up I was still feeling really ill, it reminded me of the nausea I had when I was pregnant it just would not go away. We were supposed to be going to the seaside as the weather was glorious but we felt that bad we spent the day on the sofa

Actually we spent the next three days on the sofa!!! OH took two days off work, that’s unheard of in our house, that’s when you know he’s really ill.

For the first two days BG was good she was happy to lay on the floor and play, me and OH laid on sofa’s at opposite sides of the room with BG in the middle taking turns to get up with her. Well by day three day she started to grizzly, to start with we thought she had got our tummy bug but then we realised it was her teeth playing her up.

BG has been teething for the last 5 weeks!!! We are yet to see a tooth and its now interrupting her sleep !!
Gone is the baby that would be in bed for 7 now its 8, 8.30 one night she was still up at 10!
She falls asleep but as soon as we put her down she starts screaming its not fun especially when you’re feeling like death warmed up! Once she has settled in bed she stays asleep until morning but its getting her settled that’s the problem. Its making the days very long!

I think it’s a mixture of the clocks changing and her teething that is turning her into a grump, I also think she may be getting ready for weaning but I’m not sure , I hate not knowing what to do!! I’m going to see the health visitor this week when I get her weighed and will ask her but if anyone has any advice I would be grateful.

Today is the first day I feel OK so hopefully the tummy bug as gone, I hope so!!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter

NM x


  1. Can't remember how old BG is so not sure about the weaning, but talking to your health visitor sounds like a good idea. Some of it could be she is more aware and knows when the time is coming you are going to put her to bed and doesn't want to seperate from you. I'd try to stick to a regular routine so she knows what is coming next and try to lay her down as normal. If she cries leave her for a few moments then go in and stroke her back and comfort her in the cot but try not to lift her back out. When she settles try agin to leave her. She may cry, again leave her, perhaps a little longer this time (not so she or you are really distressed but to build up the intervals between her starting to cry and you coming in as she may be able to settle herself.) I also try not to talk too much or give too much eye contact, just reassure her with your touch. There is lots written about this sort of thing, perhaps get some book from the library for some ideas or ask friends with babies what they do? You will get to know your baby and whether she is ill/teething or just having trouble settling. Talk with your OH and come up with a plan of action before the bedtime comes, so you know what you are going to try and can support each other. Some people advocate co-sleeping. Personally it was not for me, but there are lots of things you can try. Good luck & remember there is no right or wrong and no magic answer!

  2. It's 8 years since i had a baby but i seem to remember using bonjella on their gums when they were teething. Also giving them calpol. I had a plastic syringe thing which made it easier to get into their mouths than a spoon.
    You are lucky to have helpful other half. It did take a while to settle mine I could never to the let them cry and leave them thing that the books say you should do. Good Luck!

  3. Been to see HV to day and she has said its ok to start weaning, though the guidelines do say they have to be 6 months, BG is 19 1/2 wks and weighs 19lbs 8.5 ozs just over twice her birth weight.

    already using calpol (the syringes are great) and Dentinox teething gel really helps

    She had a better night last night xx


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