Friday, 15 January 2010

Just Not Enough

Josie over at Sleep Is For The Weak wrote a post this week on Balance, that thing that mother's covert the most, the balance between being a mother and your self, whether thats being a working mum or  a stay at home mum.

I'm really struggling to find a balance between being a mum to BG, a girl friend to OH, a blogger, a blog editor, trying to start up a buisness and being me. There just isn't enough time or money to do it all.

My main problem is I rush into things, I always have. For example on Sunday I started up a new blog on a whim!! A little bit of inspiration and a spare half hour and Make It, bake It was born Arrrrh like I haven't got enough to do.

I still need a job, my webshop and party planning has done nothing, I can't find the time to spend on it and its costing me money and I think it has to go for now, I just can't do it. I keep saying to my self "when I have the time I'll do this or do that" but the time isn't there. BG still isn't sleeping and every time we think we've got it sorted she gets ill or something happens and her sleeping through the night disappear which means on OH day when I should be focusing on builsing a business we're sleeping or I'm just too tired to focus on anything.

I've had no time to do any blog work, the plan was to do it at night when BG was sleeping so all my attention is on her during the day but she's not settling well, so by the time she's down its too late to do anything. We have no spare room for me to disappear too while OH watches her, so I grab the odd hour here and there, I'm praying that this ends soon and I get can get some real time to focus.

So I think my plan is to drop the business Its costing me money and I have none and hold off on my new blog launch until I really have the time to work on it. I need to find a job, which is still not looking good, there seems to be less and less vacancies and more and more unemployed to compete with.

The most important thing is BG and making sure she's sleeping well and then maybe I can work on the other stuff in the future. There is not enough me to go around at the moment.

I will still run the blogs I've got but no new projects for a while!

Why is it I can organise everything but not my life?



  1. Things should improve when you are getting a full nights sleep again - how long that will be depends on BG. Then you'll get a bit more time when she starts pre-school, then a bit more time when she goes to school and by the time she's 6 or 7 hopefully she won't want so much of your attention when she's at home and you will finally get your own life back to organise as you please! It will happen eventually although it's frustrating and knackering for you at the moment.

  2. I know the feeling, if only there were a few more hours in the day or I could do on a few less hours sleep. I then might be able to do all the things I want to do and all the things I need to do!

  3. Oh my lovely I wish I had answers for you! We'll get there though, we will. I hope things settle soon xx

  4. Sorry you're having such a rough time at the moment. We're all here for you, you know that right?
    Tina x

  5. it is so hard isn't it? Sadly no magic answers here. I hope things improve with BG's sleep soon.

  6. You need to think of yourself and your family and so what is right for you at this time. Dont worry things will work out. Hugs

  7. Sounds like a great idea - best advice I got as a working mum was to be kind to myself, to take time if I needed and drop things if they weren't working

    Good luck with finding the balance

  8. It does take time, I fully understnad where you are at but with me it's just me and amy son. However I run an online business 4 blogs and it was a struggle at first, but you will find your way. BG is the most important and when your routine settles you will be fine. Loving your website and your many many :) other blogsite - be careful not to spread yourself to thin on so many blog ideas. Your content is great and personal I like that in a blog, however to many and you may loose your spark within your content which will make your blog suffer. Less blogs with great quality content is always better.

    Keep up the great work and be thankful for what you have acheived. Sometimes we worry so much about what tomorrow might bring that we forget what we have acheived and how lucky we are to get here in the first place. :)

  9. I think this is a good idea hun, it is not worth stressing yourself out. I'm sure things will get easier soon for you. xxx

  10. You can feel pulled in loads of different directions at the same time, it's tough. Hopefully when BG is sleeping a bit better and calms down you can get back on track. Sounds like you're making the right decision. Hope things pick up for you soon. I've tagged you at mine (yesterday's post) but don't worry if you don't have the time! x

  11. I hope things start to become a bit clearer for you soon. Having little sleep doesn't help and I am in the same boat in regards to there always seeming to be something to upset the sleeping. It does sound like you are having a busy time.
    Love the layout and background of your blog btw.

  12. Thank you all for your advice and encouragment x


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