Monday, 11 January 2010

Not About Snow

I could write a post about the snow, but I'm not. I could write a post about how we are all ill again, but I won't. Instead to stop me feeling so gloomy I'd write a post all about my super clever baby girl.

Now I really should stop calling her baby girl and she is technally a toddler and has been walking quite well for months, but she will also be my baby so she's staying as BG!

BG is now 13 months old, I can hardly believe that the little *ahem* bundle of joy has grown so big and can do so much now. As I just mentioned BG is walking, she's quick like lightning and whizzes past me at home. She has learnt to climb up onto the sofa and thankfully has learnt that the best way to get back down is feet first backwards not just walking off it!

Her speaking is getting better and much more clearer, she  can say dad, mum, grandad, what's that? and whose that? and she has just learnt to say "Bless You" when you sneeze its so cute, I mean she actually says "bled you" but I know what she means. Now that she's picking up words we *really* have to be careful what we say, lots of "sugar", "woops" and "la la la" in our house at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what she learns to do next, its all so exciting!



  1. 13 months old?! Blimey, she's doing really well. I can foresee a very clever young lady there!

    CJ xx

  2. Oh this really is one of the best times (before the tantrums start - sorry Carol!) - enjoy every moment! x

  3. Oh Liz, dont talk about the tantrums. I am going through that with mini at 3 and a half!!

    Isnt it amazing how fast they grow up and change

  4. You will need to call her TG - Toddler Girl!

  5. Crytal Jigsaw - Thank you hun x

    Liz and TheMadHouse - The tantrums have already started!!!

    Kelly - Lol I know I should but I like her still being my baby


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