Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The January Blahs

I’ve got the January Blahs, which is a bit like the January Blues.

The mixture of being stuck at home due to the snow and BG still not sleeping is really taking its toll on me. I’m struggling to find any get up and go and with a new blog launching this month and my new weekly blog staring soon, that’s not good.

 It’s not even my blogs that are suffering I just can’t be bothered to do anything, I have one really good day like yesterday where I cleaned, did washing, baked and cook and today I look around the house looks a complete state and I can’t be bothered!

 The job search still isn’t going well, I’ve not had one sale from my web shop and I feel stuck! I feel the need for a change, I’m desperate to get my hair cut and have started having a huge clear out maybe that will help.

 Oh well, BG is having a nap so time to do something or maybe I’ll catch up on last night’s Hollyoaks



  1. I've got those January blahs a bit today myself. Re your webshop - I can't see a link to it from your blog?

    And please turn off word verification? I loath word verification, it frustrates the heck out of me

  2. Link is now in sidebar, I have turned off verfication but if I get over run with spam its going back on!

  3. Oh bless I think I get that all the time. It's very rare to have more than one productive day in a row apart from weird super women and I get easily bogged down with one great day quickly being followed by a not so great one. But hang in there - this is the darkest month and it can only get BETTER! (and warmer, and lighter :o) xx

  4. PS and catching up on Hollyoaks is a great idea!

  5. Everyone gets the January blues/blahs - you're not alone belive me! But as Lina says it can only get better!

    Chin up!


  6. I feel for you, when little one wont sleep it has a knock on effect on EVERYTHING! certainly been there. We ended up buying a book and followed the controlled crying technique, its not for everyone,it can be tough but it worked wonders when our son turned 10 months, hopefully BG will learn to sleep (First visit to the blog so dont know how old BG is).

    With ref to your online shop, I have been having the same problem, currently redesigning mine there are a few things I have learnt that might help. at the moment all the pages on yor site have the same meta title as "Linen at Home" and none have a meta description, these are the things that come up in the search engine results so may be worth looking into, lots of really good info and starter guides if you type "google seo starter guide" into google.

    I dont work in SEO or anything just trying to help in some small way as its my first time to your blog! have subscribed to the feed and look forward to reading.

    things WILL get better

    Danny x

  7. Happy New Year! I'm looking back through my blogging year from when I started in March 09 and you were one of my first followers - thank you! Hope the Jan blah's go away soon.

  8. Lins - Thanks hun x

    Kelly - Thank you x

    Danny - BG is months. Its not actually 'my' site, I earn commision through it, Linen at Home set it all up.

    Hot Cross Mum- Wow really, well I know a good thing when I see it


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