Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday - BG's Birthday


  1. .. and I bet you're wondering where the last year has gone!

    I hope she enjoyed it - those cupcakes look lovely!

  2. aaaw bless her, what a cutey...loving her Soph4Soph Cupcake dress, and look at her standing up! Cupcakes look fab! xxx

  3. She looks so adroable and those cakes..... well I am drooling!!

  4. Cute! Love the apron!
    Is Tim asking for left over wine?!

  5. Awww look how big she is getting, love the dress and the cupcakes look yum.

  6. Carol those cakes look AMAZING! Perhaps you should go into business? Just a thought...

  7. Laura - Its gone by so quickly, its far to scary!

    WADs - Thank you, that was her walking towards me!!

    TheMadHouse - They did turn out rather well!

    The Dotterel - Sorry all gone x

    Rosiescribble - Thanks it actually a dress and Tim was after the cupcakes

    Lorraine - She's getting far to grown up

    Liz (living with kids) - Thank you. I've only been baking a little while and there is a reason why there are stars around the edge!

    Chocolat A Toi - Thanks hun x

  8. She looks SO adorable - Happy Birthday! (even if a little belated)


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