Monday, 21 December 2009

Boxing Day

What I'm really looking forward to this year is Boxing Day, not because Chrsitmas will be over for another year but because it will just be me, OH and BG all by ourselves!

I am looking forward to Christmas day, I get to see my family, eat great food, drink s little wine and even better I'm not cooking. However there will be a lot of us, my family and OH family are spending the whole day together so they can all be with BG for Christmas. I know that me and OH won't get a look in Christmas day, so we have clamied Boxing Day as our own.

This is what we've got planned.......a whole day of Indiana Jones (still haven't seen the 4th one), maybe a little walk if there is noe snow/rain and for dinner burgers!!

Yes I said burgers, yummy fantastic burgers, with great cheese, fabulous bacon in ciabatta rolls with homemade wedges. Not traditional in any way and thats what I like about it!

Boxing Day will be our little family day and for that I am truly thankful

Merry Christmas


PS this is my 100th Post!!


  1. I really wish I hadn't read this post before I'd eaten - I'm waiting for the Tesco man to turn up and I'm STARVING! Mmm burgers... lol I know exactly what you mean, sometimes it's nice just to be by yourselves without extended family. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  2. sounds lovely. it is nice to see the family but so much nicer when its just the 3 of you. have a great christmas.

  3. a bit of quiet time is nice :)

    I am going to be crazy busy Christmas & Boxing day but then can relax and casually visit the neighbours the next few days etc :)

    Have a lovely Christmas hun and we can catch up in the new year hopefully x

  4. That sounds great. We're doing two seperate family dos at our house on Christmas day and Sunday then we have a week off so it will be nice just to do nothing and have a rest.

    ... and the burgers? They sound delicious!


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