Monday, 14 December 2009

The House Of Sick

Actually the House Of Poo would be more appropriate!

We have been really poorly in this house, very nasty tummy bugs. BG is still ill and very very grumpy. Hence the lack of post in the last week and to be honest this may be it for a while. Getting computer time at the moment is really hard with trying to look after a sick baby and organise Christmas (really glad I'm not cooking this year)

I am currently stood in my kitchen typing as BG's sleeps on the sofa (she will not go in her cot) and I cook some pasta before trying to wrap a few presents in the hope she doesn't wake up.

This may be my last post before Christmas, it all depends on BG. So just in case this is my last post I hope you all have a fab Christmas!



  1. Oh dear, it is pants when little ones are ill, lots of bleach and chocolate!!

  2. awww i'm sorry you've had so much illness, i've just got through this horrid sickness bug with my four. I hope BG gets better soon and have a very merry christmas x x x

  3. I REALLY hope that you get better soon so you can enjoy Christmas

  4. Wishing her a very speedy recovery and that you all have a wonderful Christmas

  5. I hope you all get better soon!! Have a lovely Christmas! :)

  6. Hope you are all feeling better. Merry Christmas hun xxx

  7. Thank you everyone, she is all better now x x


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