Tuesday, 8 February 2011

10 Reasons Why I’m a Crap Mum

I have come to the realisation recently that I’m not the perfect mother, far from it, actually I’m rather crap at it sometimes. A while ago I write a post called 5 Reasons I’m Going to Hell, so I thought I list the 10 reasons I’m a crap mum.

1.       Even after 2 years I still can’t put a nappy on properly, it always looks wonky.
2.       I don’t brush BG’s hair (or comb it), it’s quite curly so when its wet I run my finger through to separate the curls, she doesn’t get knots
3.       This one is really bad *whispers* I still haven’t taken BG to the dentist
4.       Sometimes I give BG chocolate, cakes, biscuits, jam or even some of a well known hazelnut spread that contains coco as a treat. Actually I give it to her so she doesn’t steal mine
5.       I sometimes snap at BG, I don’t mean to and I don’t want to be a shouty parent but sometimes it just slips out
6.       As soon as she dropped her night feeds I stopped hearing her cry in the night, I think it’s  mainly because I know OH will get up to her so I let him. They only time I hear her now is when OH is on an early shift and I know I have to get up with her.
7.       I haven’t taken her swimming yet
8.       I don’t iron her clothes (I don’t Iron any clothes in all fairness)
9.       Some days I threaten to sell her to the gypsy’s. I had a conversation with my younger sister recently and she said she says the same to her daughter so we think our Mother used to threaten us with the same thing.
10.   I don’t do organised activities with BG, we’re a bit adhoc in the house except for our toddler groups. It all depends on what mood we are in and how much I can be bothered

To be honest it was only supposed to be 5 reasons but once I started listing them I couldn’t stop, there was actually a lot me but I thought I’d stop at 10!

Please tell me I’m not the only one!!


This was originally written as a guest post for Me, The Man and The Baby. 


  1. Your not the only one , most of these i can also say me to with .
    And the ones i don't is only because i have the two older ones - 2 year old would prob of not been at the dentist if i did not sign him up when there with his big sister. Same with he has only been swimming when we were on holiday - only brush his hair because his sisters get theres done and he wants to copy (and i almost never wash it ,just wet if needed) .
    I could keep going but i need to get to bed lol

  2. You're definitely not the only one.

    And you're definitely you're not crap.

    What you are, is NORMAL

  3. my dentist wouldn't let me sign my son up until he was 3...
    I am sure lots of us could write longer lists :-)

  4. Other than numbers 1 and 9 I am just as crap as you! ;) x

  5. Just don't sell her to the ones of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. That would be slightly worrying ;)

  6. LOL, 2,3,4,8 and 10 are me too! Plus I will happily put the tv on for too long because it's the only way he will give me a cuddle and let me sit down! Oh, and despite him being capable of walking and actually wanting to walk everywhere, I stuff him into the pushchair with a bribe because it's easier for me to push him... :0)

  7. You are so not alone. I always forget to do their teeth.....they watch lots of tv....they get lots of bribes.....I'll stop now before I write a post in your comments section.

  8. You're not crap, you're a brilliant mummy. BG is a beautiful, intelligent and happy girl xx

  9. I'm guilty of most of those and could probably find a few more too.

  10. You're definitely not the only one. I'm guilty of some of the above (and a lot more!) Well done you for admitting to it. There's so much pressure on us mums to be perfect x

  11. Okay, you're not the only one. Show me a mummy who is perfect. That would be impossible; at least nappy changing is doable!!

    Great post, really enjoyed it. But you really aren't on your own!

    CJ xx

  12. My confessional ;-):
    Having had 3 of my 4 children in Scotland, I could not get into my head to give my 4th child her fluoride tablets and therefore forgot frequently.
    I am past snapping and already onto shouting.
    And I have no idea what an iron actually is.

    A relation of ours (married into the family) describes her mother as perfect. Supposedly she got up at 5am every day and did EVERYTHING for her two kids. My in-law ended up with an eating disorder. Why? She felt she could never live up to the perfection of her mother.

  13. i don't iron and i've not been to the dentist with any of my children whoops!

  14. You sound like a perfectly normal Mum to me!!

    Oh, and as an experienced curly-haired person, I would say you're absolutely right not to brush her hair. It'll make it go all frizzy and horrible. A finger through whilst it's damp to pull out any tangles is just fine :)

  15. Hee love it!!! Glad I'm not the only mum that threatens to sell their kids to the gypsys!
    My mum used to say that to us, and then tell us about the gypsys she was at school with who used to beat her up, I was terrified! Much better than a naughty step :)
    I know not of this ironing that you speak of....;) xx

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  17. I think we all have our 'Off days' where we give in or just can't be bothered with things. I take my son's xbox off him and then give it back because I can't take his constant moaning (he knows I will give in).I think shouting is completely normal, and sometimes the only way to be heard.

    My friend confessed to me once that she only showers/bathes her daughter a couple of times a week, the rest of the week is a wetwipe wash!!

    I agree with the not-combing curly hair. I'm a curly top and brushing doesn't do anything for me.

    I have to confess that I'm completely anal when it comes to ironing and iron everything including tea towels. I can't help it!!


  18. Elaine Livingstone15 February 2011 at 17:46

    love reading all these comments, and you all seem normal parents to me.
    must admit I took all mine to the dentist even before they were born, and they sat in the chair on my knee from months old, spent years running to dental school in Glasgow with one of them.....and now not one of the 5 visit the dentist so...why did I bother???
    there is no more a perfect mother on this planet ( or father either) any more than there is a perfect child, every one of us has our good and bad points and I did things with my kids I always said I wouldnt when I saw other parents doing it before mine were born.
    my policy - as long as they go to bed clean most nights, are happy and eat when they are hungry then the rest will come to them naturally, and that no metter what you do or how hard you try they will still be obnoxious time they are a teenager and you will wish they were pre-5's again


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