Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Things You Learn in London with a Toddler

Recently BG and I took a trip to London to cook with James Tanner courtesy of Dairylea. I meet the lovely bloggers of Who’s the Mummy, Mumra, All About The Boys, Mummy from The Heart and Jo Beaufoix .

We all meet at the London Cookery school and James Tanner showed us five healthy recipes to try and we heard from nutritionist Azmina Govindji. To get to the London Cookery School we had to take two trains and a tube. After our cooking session we went to the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. This made for a very long day with a toddler.

This is what I learnt:-

BG really knows how to play to a crowd and kept a train carriage full of people entertained on the train to London.

I have no sense of direction

Dairylea actually contains cheese (who knew)

Dairylea is made from cheese, milk, butter and emulsifying salt.

The new Dairylea cheese spread contains 25% less salt, yes it still contains salt all cheese does.

Nutritionists give their children coco pops for breakfast!

BG makes a cracking fishcake

James Tanner is a very patient man

James Tanner’s daughter has the same name as BG

I would be a much better cook if I had someone to pre chop my veg! 

BG is not afraid of thunder and lightning

Given a choice of cuddly animals, BG will always choose a monkey

BG suits First Class

After a long, solo trip to London with a toddler, a glass of wine and brownies and ice cream is a must

Thank you Dairylea for the lovely day out.

Disclosure: Dairylea paid our travel expenses to attend this event, and provided lunch and a gift bag containing vouchers and product samples.

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