Sunday, 4 October 2009


This week has been a mixed week, after the high of Monday the rest of the week fell somewhat flat.

We've all been full of cold and mix that with a teething baby its not been fun. On the plus side I joined up as a consultant for Linen Online so will be annoying you soon to buy your sheets from me!

I've really low this week especially at the end, by Thursday night came I just wanted to hide away and not speak to anyone. So on Friday I unplugged from everything no Internet, no email, no twitter (expect 5 mins last night), and stayed away and focused on BG and OH.

I realised how obsessed I had become with being online and my blogs. I think because I've not got a paid job that I'm looking for something to stimulate me and my mind.

The problem is that I've let it take over just a little bit and I need to cut back on how long I spend on the computer or I'm at risk of becoming permanently attached!!

So my new rule is that I will not go on the computer while BG is awake except on OH's day off, so it will be nap times, bed times and when daddy is home. I can write posts for New Mummy's Tips in advance and scheduled them to run and this blog will stay organic and I will blog as and when I have something to say. I will also work on Midlands Mums in my baby free time.

Though Linen at Home and Tish Tash Toys will become a priority on the run up to Christmas as will job hunting.

What about Twitter? Well for those of you that follow me if I'm on too long tell me off. I have it on my Blackberry so its so easy to have a little tweet when BG is playing!

Ok I've emails to reply to and a little catching up to do, BG and OH are napping so I'm allowed on!



  1. Carol, I've had this problem before. I realised I was getting too obsessed with life on line, blog posts, blog stats, blog comments etc etc etc. I took a break from it for a while. Now I don't take it quite so seriously and have a much better balance.

  2. Carol, I was at that point a few weeks ago and I've really had to cut back. I don't look at the computer at all atweekends now and only use it while baby is napping in the day. Well done for recognising that it was getting too much and doing something about it!

  3. Here's one lots of people - including me - will relate to. Wonderful though motherhood is, it's easy to feel that your brain is getting fuzzy. The internet makes communication so easy, it can feel as though you've been deprived of speech whenever you turn if off. Good luck, and I bet you'll find that you get more done at home, and your blogs and other commitments don't end up suffering.

  4. It is addictive. You are not alone. If I didnt have so much trouble with my kids I'd be online all the time!

    I should be working now. Am I? No. No food in the cupboard either.

    Oh dear!


  5. I know what you mean entirely, and I think that your plan is very sensible! I enjoy your blog so I am glad you are not giving up entirely. I try and limit my time online, but I spend too much sometimes. I have decided to be more organised and it is working better. Piran is starting to nap during the day so I will limit it to those times. At present he is fast asleep on my lap!

  6. I think that is a great idea. Me and OH decided we didn't want Baby Belle to see us on the laptop or mobiles so that she doesn't want to always be on them when she is older too!

    It is much easier now I get two afternoons off to concentrate on the businesses but otherwise I nip on in nap time

    Weldone hun x

  7. Thank you guys, its really hard not to pop on but I feel better x

  8. Hi Carol, I don’t blame you, sometimes I feel like I’m getting square eyes and I could spend all day on Twitter catching up with everyone’s Tweets – even when I’ve been on the day before! Good luck – I’m sure once you get into it you won’t miss it at all. Liz.


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