Friday, 16 October 2009

Down in the Dumps!

I know I haven't posted all week, its been one of those weeks where all of a sudden you realise its Friday and wonder were the week has gone.

This week started really well, Monday I attended a Inspiring Women conference (which I will give its own post as it deserves it), I left feeling really positive and upbeat but by the time I got home I had a splitting headache and felt miserable again. That's how this week has basically gone lots of highs then a slap back down to earth!

My sister cam to visit on Tuesday which was lovely, I do miss having my family close to me, but as always her visit was too short and she was soon leaving. The headache I had Monday was still there and BG is still not sleeping!! She has yet more teeth coming through and still has a cold!

Wednesday started all so well, I recieved an email from one of the Job sites I am on which had the perfect job for me, so I sent over my CV and letter and thought that's a good start. I them went to the Job Centre which I hate doing, but there were a few jobs that were suitable so I thought wow what a great day! I walked along to the shop that had one of the jobs going to pick up an application then went home. That afternoon I rang about the other vacancy to be told that the position was filled SATURDAY!!! Why the hell was it still being advertised??? My good mood started to fade. I then got an email back to say I wasn't suitable for the other role! Good mood gone, headache back!

My headache was so bad I was in bed at 8.30! it doesn't take a genius to workout where the headaches are coming from!

So at at the moment I just feel deflated a bit, but I will keep on going! I'm a bit like a weeble you knock me done and I spring back up!

I had a great one to one session with the lady who runs Linen at Home and I'm now registered as self employed and have a bank meeting set up! I just need to book my first Linen party and I'm waiting for the webshop to go live and then I will be annoying everyone for sales!!

OK I've had a moan I'm now off to relax I've still got that headache! I promise to have some upbeat posts next week


PS the lovely Kellyfairy has a competition over at her blog to win a fab new book, she knows the author don't cha know!


  1. I really feel for you. All I can say is that I'm sure your perfect job is just around the corner and everyone's rooting for you x

  2. Hang in there. You never know what is around the corner.

  3. I think you are were I was last weekend. It is so hard once you get down. I am sure the dark nights dont help either. I have decided that by being grateful, I will not let the darkness creep in (apparently the brain can only process one emotion at a time)!!!

  4. ((HUGS)) I know how you feel there just isn't a lot of decent jobs here at the moment either - it's so depressing. Fingers crossed something will come through for you soon xx

  5. Its a pain in the arse trying to get a job and especially when its filled so quickly.

    Go out on your own sweetie, much more exciting. Dont saddle yourself with debt though. Minimum cost set up!

    Good Luck


  6. There's a meme for you over at mine under personality traits.Hug x

  7. Thanks for the link hun, hope next week is a better one for you x

  8. Thank you guys, you really cheer me up x


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