Saturday, 10 October 2009

Developmental Review

The beginning of the week started out slow for us, Baby Girl has got a cold and is teething so it’s all snot and dribble at our house! Thankfully her two top teeth have cut through so she might start to cheer up soon (Mummy can dream)

On Wednesday BG has her 8-12 month development check up, now I’m really happy with what she can do at 10 months but it didn’t stop me worrying . I think that’s natural as a Mother, I try not to compare her to other children her age but I can’t help it.

Well there was no need for me to worry, the health visitor was really happy with what she could, she even said she was a little advanced (sorry bragging!!) we only had one tantrum when I had to undress and the dress her again .

The highlight of the visit was when she gave BG her Bookstart book, she took it from her sat on the floor and started flicking through the pages, the HV said it was a testament to me that she knew how to do that already. She said that quite a few children go to school not knowing how to open a book!! How sad is that?

The low point was when the HV noticed that the creases on the back of BG’s legs didn’t match up so we have to go to the GP to check her hips. I'm trying not to worrying, she's strong on her legs and crawls well, so fingers crossed its just because she has chubby legs!

BG now weighs 23lbs 5 ozs and is 76 cms long!! That 2ft 5.9 in's already, I'm only 5ft 3in she is going to tower over me!!

I'm not scared.......honest!



  1. Oh bless her, that thing about children not knowing how to open a book is so sad. I already read to Piran and I really hope he loves books as much as me.

  2. Sounds like she is doing great. We always worry, it's our job. As you've seen my 6 year old is doing great but for years we worried that she wouldn't walk or talk. She got there in the end, in her own time. I lost so much time worrying!

  3. I am sure she is brilliant just like her ma!! My two have always loved books - even though dyslexic (chances of two dyslexic children I am told is rare - seems I hit the jackpot) - however despite the difficulties they have I don't think they'd be achieving all that they do unless they had had books from such a young age (although sleeping beauty was a mistake - had to read that at least 20 times a day!!!) and yep - she will tower over you - but what a lovely tower!! x

  4. Kelly - I know its so sad, we've reading to Bg since before she was born!

    Rosiescribble - Thanks hun, I try not to worrying but it is hard sometimes x

    Singlemamasrock - Ah thanks! though you are slightly biased!They are very lucky to have a mum like you x

  5. Well done BG & well done mummy :)

    I agree- books are soooo important- we've been reading to the LD since he was a bump!

    And I fully expect him to be taller than me before he's at high school - scary! xx


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