Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Song - A BG Special

When BG was very little I used to sit her in her bouncy chair while I did the housework. To keep her entertained I would play music and dance around and sing which made her laugh.

One of the albums I played the most was (I can't believe I'm admitting this) Girls Aloud greatest hits. Her favourite song was Jump, I think because its quite up beat and of course mummy looks really silly jumping up and down.

So in honour of BG who is two tomorrow is Girls Aloud and Jump.

Change of plans, I just found this and it is BG's favourite song at the moment...

The Bing Bong song from Peppa Pig!



  1. HA HA my boy loves it , he walks about humming it alot . Very cute choice

  2. BB hasn't watched Peppa Pig yet...must give it a try as seems rather popular :-) x

  3. Chick still loves Peppa Pig and she's 8 now!! x

  4. We love Peppa Pig, we know the words to the Bing bang song (often sang in the car now) and we all think daddy Pig is the best.

  5. Baba loves this, he is mad about Peppa Pig xx

  6. Happy birthday for BG! How fast and funny life can go=)


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