Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My Cybermummy Experience

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that it was the Cybermummy Conference this past Saturday, and what a conference it was. It was something I had been looking forward to for a long time and to be honest it has past in a bit of a blur.

The day started quite early for me like most of the women attending, I had a lovely journey down with Carly and meet Karin at Kings Cross. While heading for the tube I was accosted by a woman who grabbed by arm and said “are you Carol?” “I recognised you hair from your blog” it turned out to be the lovely Becky someone I had been talking to for ages through twitter, blogs and emails , this set the tone for the rest of the day and it was a good one.

We all headed off together and meet more bloggers along the way, we all walked down from Earls Court tube station together (once we got the right exit), I was walking near the front of the group and was amazed to see so many women walking together, it was a joy to see. Thank you Hannah for arranging the walk.

As soon as we got into the hotel you could feel the atmosphere, there were hugs, tears and nerves all mingling together and to be honest it felt good. The rest of the day was a blur I meet wonderful women, missed just as many. Listened to inspirational women speaking, faced my fear and spoke in front of them, laughed, cried, ate cupcakes, drank wine and did a pub quiz.

The talks was interesting, at times I felt disappointment as I thought to myself I know that, but on the journey home I looked at in a more positive way at least I’m on the right track, I doing it right.

I wish I could tell you every single thing that happened but I can’t, one I don’t remember and two it would be a very long post.

What I can tell you is what Cybermummy has done for me-
  • It’s giving me confidence in what I write
  • It has made me realise I need to refocus some aspects of my blogs.
  • It’s given me hope that we can all get on if we are in a room together.
  • It allowed me to meet the people I admire the most.
  • I learnt that Linda Jones is exactly how you envision her to be, she managed to kiss me, compliment me and insult me in the first 3 minutes I meet her.
  • It made me proud to be a woman/mummy blogger

I’ve already started a fund for next year!

It seems that all the love we generated at Cybermummy as disappeared overnight due to a new parenting league table being announced and Julys Tots 100 going up.

So here is some advice (feel free to ignore it most people do)
  • Celebrate or commiserate then move on, stop going on about it 
  • Don’t make people feel bad for making or not making a list
  • Stop worrying about them, being on a list doesn’t make you a good blogger, you do.
  • Write for yourself and no one else, people will know if you are writing to get comments so you can move up on said list.
  • Remember why you started blogging in the first place
  • If you don’t love it anymore, don’t do it
  • Live first, blog last

So in honour of the fabulous Cybermummy conference I leave you with this song, I hope it helps empower you.


  1. Wise words! 'Twas great to see you again, and hear you read that post.

    What's all this Karin tells me about you travelling first-class?!

  2. I love your advice and feel that a lot of people should take notice of it. I'm not in the Tots100 or anything else for that matter and I don't care. I blog for me and my friends and anyone else who reads it is a wonderful bonus!!!

  3. Great advice!! So lovely meeting you!! You were one of the bloggers on my must meet list and I'm so glad we got to spend time together - I do apologise if I started to make no sense come the evening.. #Iblamelindasjones xx

  4. Well said in every point. Great to have finally met you, and I think CM has given us all lots to think about. Most importantly, we all got on really well, something which everyone present commented on. Vive la blog sisters!

  5. My last comment got eaten (bit like all those cupcakes I couldn't help gorging on at CyberMummy). Well said, and enjoyed meeting you. All a bit overwhelming, but the most important thing I got out of the conference was how inspiring everyone was, and how friendly. How great to be part of such a wonderful community.

  6. Sound advice! It was great to see you again and wonderful to hear your post. But what's all this Karin tell me about traveling first-class?

  7. Hi Carol,

    I am very glad to have kised you, delighted that I compimented you and absoluty moooorrrrtified (you ave no edea, honetly)that I said something to insult you!!!! :) Much love to you. x

  8. Great advice - and wasn't it great?! See you next year :)

  9. Fabulous round up! Your post was so very moving. What a wonderful strong soul you are x

  10. What a great post and you reading your post was very moving, you are a very talented writer. All your comments at the end are very true. Lovely to have meet you xx

  11. Sounds brilliant, and I love, love, love the line about live first, blog last. Very wise.

    @Emma - I'm sure you *are* in the Tots100, aren't you?

  12. Very wise words & I hope more people read this and listen. If cybermummy taught me anything, it's that we are a fierce community when we want to be. Full of love, support, laughter & frienship. Why replace it with all the negativity competition brings? There's room for everyone no matter your ranking! I really liked this post & it was great to say hi to you at cybermummy.

  13. Wise words indeed. Lovely to meet you and your reading was brilliant.

  14. Hi I am new to blogging and will hopefully get invloved this yr and join you all in the future.

  15. Fab post my dear and very good advice :-)

  16. You are joking, people aren't losing their cool over lists again are they?? Prize fools if they are. Lovely to meet you x

  17. I totally agree. I had to turn Twitter off last night with all the stuff about not being on lists. Such a disappointment after Saturday. Now don't get upset ;) but I left you off my keynote blog where I've linked to the blogs. I can't believe it as I thought you were so brave and loves your speech. I will link to your blog when this child finally stops wiggling and goes to sleep but if you comment or tweete with the link to the actual post I'll include it. Oops xx

  18. Well said, Carol. It was lovely to finally meet you, my inspiration! x

  19. What a brilliant post. Live first, blog last is a motto for everyone to remember.

    You were amazing reading your post at Cybermummy - inspiring and strong and brilliant. xxx

  20. Your post was brilliant. It was an honour to be at CyberMummy, and your spirit and writing is one of the reasons why.

  21. INSPIRED advice- literally :)

  22. Carol, fab post. I don't, and have never, paid any attention to lists. One persons idea of success or you doing well, is not the same as another. I appreciate that lists can be handy for getting an idea of what other blogs are out there, but this is not school. I don't need or want a report card and it is a shame that people take lists so seriously that it actually impacts on 1) their enjoyment of blogging and 2) their ability to be polite, and 3) their perspective. I love my online life but it is not a substitute for real relationships, I don't define myself on it, and I don't validate myself based on lists, number of comments, or any other BS. The more people get their knickers in a twist, the more credence that's being given to the lists. I appreciate the effort that goes into these things but I urge people to get some perspective.

  23. We must stop meeting at these blogger events. People will think we do nothing else on our weekends...


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