Tuesday 12 October 2010

A First I Could Have Done Without.

I’ve been fortunate to witness most of BG’s firsts. Some of them have been amazing like her first smile, her first word and her first step.  Some of them not so amazing, like her first projectile vomit, the first time she diarrhoea and that first bump on the head.

I’d like to say today I witnessed an amazing first but that would be a lie, you see today we have the first incident of an object up the nose!

 What was that lucky object I hear you ask, well it was a raisin. BG has been trying to get a raisin up her nose for some time now but I can normally catch her before she succeeds, today I was too late.

I gave BG a bowl with some raisins and popped into the kitchen, which is practically the same room which means I turned my back for 30 seconds when she started crying. I went to see what was wrong and she pointed to her nose and carried on crying.

I asked her if she had put a raisin up there and she replied “no”. She wouldn’t let me look up her nose and every time I went near her she screamed. I managed to grab up and get a quick look but couldn’t see anything. I then thought maybe she’s got a blocked nose as there are a lot of colds going around. I got some tissue and tried to get her to blow her nose, which at first she refused to do.

She ran to the other side to the room, stopped, snorted and a snot covered raisin flew out and onto the floor. She looked at it and said “yuck” and then laughed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed with her.

After a chat with a few mums on twitter about this incident. They told me their stories of their kids getting objects up their noses and I’m really glad now that it came out so easily or we would have had another bad first today, a trip to A&E!



  1. Lol Bless her, we have been very lucky with toddler girl and objects thankfully

  2. Oh this is brilliant - or at least I'm glad it had a fairly prompt and pain-free ending. I remember being quite a bit older than BG and getting a pencil-eraser stuck up one nostril. My parents were going crazy thinking they would have to take me to A&E when my brother came up with the genius idea that I should block the clear nostril and just blow as hard as I could from my nose. Out it popped :) Wonder why it is that kids like to try and put things up there?! x

  3. well at least she didnt try to eat it afterwards :-)

  4. Nooo! LOL! It's so easily missed, sneaky little things :) If this makes you feel better everyone thought my Uncle was partially deaf until he was 67 when a coin fell out his ear.... ;)

  5. Isaac once came home with a little foam shape from nursery he had picked up, bright pink and about the size of a finger nail and when it disappeared I asked where it was 'up my nose' he said. i didnt believe him as he was laughing and being the observant mummy I am missed the fact he was sneezing for the rest of the afternoon. when my husband mentioned the sneezing that night in the bath, Isaac very casually said 'I know daddy, its probably the shape i stuck up my nose' and sure enough on looking we could just see the tip of something bright pink uggghhh. Luckily we got it out with tweezers. He didnt learn though and a few months later stuck 3 stones up his nose and we did have to do the A&E visit that time and he had to be held down while they put a camera up his nose! Kids! Glad the raisin came out OK and BG found it funny, and not traumatising

  6. I have been extremely lucky with my two as they only thing they have put of their noses are their fingers.

  7. I know exactly how you feel as my youngest daughter put a daisy up her nose and as a result we spent time in A&E, a very unpleasant experience for all involved.

    Needless to say my daughter never put anything up her nose ever again.

  8. I'm only laughing because I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt AND blogged about it!!!


    We ended up in A&E which wasn't pleasant, but I can look back now and laugh... (or is it a grimace??) xx


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